I have had the pleasure of working with Ross Carlson and Metacraft's SimSuite series of ATC Simulation Products for a couple of years now. My employer, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, acquired SimScope and SimTarget Simulation Products which we have enjoyed integrating into our Air Traffic Control Simulation Laboratory and routinely use within our Air Traffic Management curriculum. SimScope and SimTarget provide us with a wide range of ATC simulation scenario and display capabilities allowing us to replicate a real-world working environment found in both the Terminal and En Route ATC environment. SimScope and SimTarget also integrate flawlessly with our Microsoft Flight Simulator Suite of simulation products creating a multi-purpose simulation environment that is uniquely suited to our aviation-oriented University's needs.

The Metacraft SimSuite series of ATC Simulation Products has provided our institution with an extremely capable simulation laboratory at a fraction of what the typical "off-the-shelf" ATC simulation products cost. The user-interface is simple and effective for a wide-range of constantly changing users in our academic lab setting. The ability to change and customize various features of the software have enabled us to provide a very dynamic range of ATC simulation that is specific to our current needs. Ross has also been more than willing to accommodate our requests within the software's functionality as our needs continually change and progress. Our ATC Simulation Laboratory is a constant recipient of praise from our peers and industry experts, and Metacraft SimSuite's series of ATC Simulation Products has made that possible.

-Patrick Ganpath
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Prescott Campus
ATC Simulation Laboratory Specialist

For the first time, our company is able to provide collaborative learning environments, which allow student controllers and pilots to interact in a virtual world. It's amazing to see new student controllers, who can barely recite the phonetic alphabet, grow to sequencing parallel landing approaches in bad weather all without ever leaving the classroom. We initially investigated some of the $300,000+ ATC systems and found the Sim Suite platform to be comparable and capable of simulating all ATC facilities. The customer support is fast and friendly as well. Highly recommended!!

-Robert Prather
Virtual Airport Labs
Lab Architect for Texas Southern University
and Houston Independent School District