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Metacraft SimTarget



SimTarget is the traffic generation component of the SimSuite platform. Using an intuitive mouse and/or keyboard-driven interface, the operator can easily handle dozens of aircraft simultaneously within a single scenario. Multiple SimTarget operators can work together, transfering control of targets between themselves as the targets are handed off from one controller trainee to another in a multi-sector or gate-to-gate scenario.


  • Simulates the full range of aircraft operations, on the ground as well as airborne.
  • Supports enroute flight plan tracking or vectored flight.
  • Airborne holding with proper holding pattern entry. (Direct, teardrop, parallel.)
  • Realistic local traffic pattern simulation.
  • Realistic simulation of push back, taxi, hold short, line-up-and-wait, and LAHSO operations.
  • Supports interaction between multiple SimTarget operators for large-scale gate-to-gate simulations.
  • Mouse or keyboard command interface.
  • On-screen radar-like display of the scenario airspace with video maps.
  • Full target status display available with a single click or keyboard shortcut.
  • Acts as a "pseudo-controller", providing the ability to initiate and accept target hand-offs to/from controller trainees.