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Metacraft SimCab



Deployable on a wide range of display systems, SimCab provides a flexible solution for high-fidelity airport visualization for tower and ground controller training. Installation options range from single or multiple desktop displays up to full 360° seamless projection systems. SimCab can be integrated with other SimSuite components to create a complete tower cab environment with STARS TDW, DBRITE, and ASDE-X displays, as well as voice communication panels.


  • Wide variety of aircraft models and textures.
  • Customizable tower location and field of view.
  • High-quality weather depiction.
  • Full control over weather, season, and time of day.
  • Flexible display options.
  • Large number of included airport layouts.
  • Optional custom airport rendering.
  • Integrates with SimTarget to provide realistic aircraft movements.
  • Integrates with SimScope to provide radar and surface monitoring displays.