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Metacraft SimScope



With the ability to emulate a number of different radar systems, SimScope provides an effective platform for terminal and enroute radar training. The high-fidelity display of data blocks and video maps coupled with accurate keyboard and trackball commands delivers a solid foundation for developing practical air traffic management skills in the simulation lab. SimScope is also suitable for providing radar or airport surveillance displays in a tower simulation environment using SimCab.


  • Emulates STARS, ERAM, DSR, and ASDE-X.
  • Includes ERAM EDST (D-Side) functionality.
  • High-fidelity display including data blocks, video maps, and on-screen controls.
  • Accurate implementation of keyboard and trackball commands.
  • Suitable for single-controller or multi-sector scenarios.
  • MSAW (Minimum Safe Altitude Warning) emulation.
  • CRDA (Converging Runway Display Aid) emulation.
  • TPA (Terminal Proximity Alert) graphics. (J-Rings and TPA Cones.)