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SimSuite Metacraft Product


SimSuite consists of four primary software components. Each component can be deployed on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, thus requiring minimal up-front computer system investment. Total cost of ownership (TCO) is also reduced due to the fact that hardware maintenance costs over the life of the system are much lower than that of a system deployed on proprietary hardware.

Depending on the desired fidelity level, SimSuite components can be used with anything from standard desktop displays and classroom furniture, up to high-fidelity professional-grade consoles and full wrap-around 360° seamless projection systems.

SimSuite Components:

Metacraft SimScope


SimScope provides the primary radar system display used by ATC students in the simulation lab. SimScope can emulate a number of modern ATC radar display systems including STARS, ERAM, DSR, and ASDE-X.

Metacraft SimCab


For the training of ground and local controllers, a tower visualization system is a must-have component in the training lab. SimCab delivers this capability with a wide variety of display options including single or multiple flat panel screens, wide-format curved monitors, 120° projection screens, or even full 360° seamless wrap-around projection systems.

Metacraft SimTarget


The effectiveness of any ATC training solution is greatly dependent on the fidelity and capability of its air traffic generation component. Designed in conjunction with real-world air traffic controllers and instructors, SimTarget strikes the ideal balance between complex functionality and ease of use.

Metacraft SimVox


Controller-pilot communications and inter-controller coordination are fundamental aspects of the ATC training process. SimVox provides a flexible and highly-realistic solution for teaching these essential skills.

Metacraft Professional Services

Professional Services

Metacraft provides all required services for a successful SimSuite deployment and ongoing operation, including SimTarget scenario creation and testing, SimScope/SimTarget video map generation, SimVox configuration, display setup and calibration, and more.